Contribute to the Society with Us

Together we reach new heights. We need partners to work with us in developing youth talents. Read on to know more about how we can work together.


Media Organization

Our media partners play a crucial role in sharing our youth’s motivational stories with the public. If you are interested in interviewing our team or past awardees, please contact our Secretariat.

Educational and Youth Organization

In developing youth with high potential, we need support from organizations that share the same vision with us. If you are interested in joining our activities, please contact our Secretariat.

Commercial Organization

Career and life planning has always been one of the biggest challenges our youth faces. Any opportunities, such as internship, company visits or job shadowing, from companies are welcome.

Governmental Organization

If any governmental organizations are interested in understanding our work and stories of our awardees, please contact our Secretariat for details.


Interact with us!