Event Highlights

What’s happening in Youth Arch recently? Here are some of our event highlights!

Youth Arch Student Improvement Award 2017-2018 Award Ceremony

Youth Arch Student Improvement Award 2017-18” Award Ceremony was held at The Open University of Hong Kong on 24 March 2019 with about 350 guests attending. Mr. Kwan Chun Man, the co-founder of GoGoVan was the Guest of Honour of the Ceremony. He shared his own story about how to overcome different obstacles and challenges with his two other co-founders when starting off the business, which encouraged students’ continuous improvement and pursuit of their interests. Meanwhile, the Top 10 Awardees shared about their feeling and gratitude, while Youth committee shared their learning experience. Together with the blessing and inspiration to the awardees from all guests, it has become a warm and amazing ceremony.

One Day in University 2019 – Hong Kong Baptist University

One Day in University 2019 – Hong Kong Baptist University’ was successfully held on 23 February and 2 March 2019. Thank Hong Kong Baptist University for the great partnership and support, over a hundred students gained a valuable opportunity to have a deeper understanding of different majors in university, and even have a taste of university life. Each Form 5-6 student tried a mock interview of applying university in order to learn interview skills and strengthen their communication abilities. Throughout the mock interview of exchange program, internship and scholarship opportunity, the junior students enhanced their adaptability when facing the uncertainty during the interview. The career planning workshop led by Ms. Janet Ng, the Vice-chairperson of Youth Arch Student Improvement Award Steering Committee, has also aroused students’ thoughts regarding future studies and planning.