Event Highlights

What’s happening in Youth Arch recently? Here are some of our event highlights!

Youth Committee Youth-led Program – Breakthrough

After a month of preparation, “Breakthrough”, the summer program led by Youth Committee (YC) volunteers, was successfully held in CUHK on 24 July. 34 participants and 11 Organising Committee members (OCs) were involved. 11 OCs collaborated to organize different parts of the program, including program design, promotion and recruitment, preparation of game materials, as well as site-visit. Despite encountering difficulties, OCs managed to solve different problems and practicality issues by active communications. On that day, the program began at University Station, where participants got acquainted with each other through ice-breaking games. Then, they were divided into four groups playing individual and joint group games in campus checkpoints like Weiyuan Lake. This fun and unforgettable program was rounded up by sharing and reflection. Both the OCs and participants understood the importance of teamwork and communication, and most importantly, made a breakthrough.

Student Internship Program 2019 (Beijing)

Sponsored by Home Affairs Bureau and Youth Development Commission, Student Internship Program 2019 (Beijing) was held from 14 to 23 July. Throughout the 10-day journey, 40 students visited the logistics and food processing centers of a chain restaurant to understand the technological system of supply management. They also worked in different restaurants and inspected the stores in order to have a deeper understanding of the catering industry in Beijing. Accompanied by Beijing outstanding students, they visited historic attractions such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace, as well as Tsinghua University and Zhongguancun Science Park to learn about the growth of rapidly-developing enterprises in China. Hence, students not only broadened their horizons, but also made many new friends in the trip, making many precious memories.