Event Highlights

What’s happening in Youth Arch recently? Here are some of our event highlights!

Youth Committee Good Friday - Dodge Ball

After months of preparation, organized by the Youth Committee (YC), the Doggy Ball Competition was held on Jul 27. There were 44 participants and 13 volunteers to make the event successful and fruitful. Although the participants had different understanding towards dodge ball, YCs tried their best to explain the rules explicitly, make them work as a team and move as quickly as flash on the court. This game also showed the importance of teamwork and communications and all participants enjoyed the event very much.

Student Internship Program 2018 (Beijing)

Organized by Youth Arch Foundation, sponsored by Beijing-Hong Kong Youth Exchange and Development Foundation, the Student Internship Program 2018 (Beijing) was held from 15 to 24 July. During the trip, students worked in restaurants under Hop Hing Group Holdings Limited, visited famous historical spots and exchanged with students from Tsinghua University. Through working at Yoshinoya, Dairy Queen, Uncle Fong and Cha Ding Ding, students engaged in their daily operations and were able to communicate with store managers, local employees as well as customers, which deeply increased their knowledge on restaurant operating and food culture in Beijing.